Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coincident ?

I thought I would type a small bit. It has been a long day traveling in the airports of the US getting back to Dallas. It is Gay Pride weekend here in Dallas, and many of my friends were out celebrating. I got in too late to celebrate, and have gotten home, brought my bags in, started uppacking, going through 10 days of mail, and blogging. I got a wonderful picture in a frame from my cousin Tammy & her husband Ken. It was of her, my cousin Chrissy and me. The Bills Won!!! 16 to 6 against Miami! You know Markie was screaming big time. Mark is a huge Bills fan, and I am not sure wether or not he was at the game when the Bills won the AFC Championships --- but I was sitting in the Buffalo Airport, at their sports bar/restaurant watching the Bills game before I had to board my plane - and they had this large mural of a picture of the game --- and it kept me staring at it -- could it be? hmmmm ---

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no fried
with ice cold water of course