Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family Tree

An interesting thing happened today. My mother got a call from her Uncle Jerry (my grandmother's brother) and his wife went to the gallery in North Tonawanda which had my show, but it was closed when they attended - but they noticed my art by looking in the windows. The called my mom to let her know that my Great Grandfather Felber, had a younger sister, Dottie Norton, who is also an artist - and she also does abstract art, and lives in Buffalo and shows her art.

I googled her and came up empty --- we know that she is around the age of my Uncle Jerry and Uncle Skip. My mom has her address and phone so we are going to try and set up a meeting.

My great-grandfather's sister is an artist, my mom is an artist, and me (an artist) ---- wow what a family tree. I wonder what kind of tree this is?



Anonymous said...

so you're saying that all the women in your family...(including you) have all the art genes!

You go girl

Dad said...

One should always remember that ART comes in many different forms!!!!