Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Day

I started this blog talking about my day.... I just deleted it.

It has been exactly one month since my brother passed. I am going home to Buffalo to see my parents this weekend. But today was a day of relationships. It started with the relationship with myself and my spirit. Then I continued that relationship with my work. It was a good day, it was challenging day and rewarding day. Then it was an evening with relationships of family and friends. Visiting some in person, talking to some on the phone, and sharing emails and blogs with others. You cannot substitute television friends for real friends - except maybe Janelle - sorry she did not win. I had dinner with an old friend today and shared that with a current friend - it was fun to talk about the past and bring each other up to date. I am excited to share him with my Dallas friends. I am a very lucky man. I have the best relationships with my life, my work, my family and my friends.

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Anonymous said...

We are damn lucky to have you as our friend...
-Princess B
If I were a tree, I'd be a palm.