Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eating Right Is For Turkeys

The day started with the news in Jim's blog concerned with my dietary consumption. As we did the usual Miller routine of getting the paper as we headed for breakfast - the headline read -

It happens to come from that green food Jim so wants me to eat! Good thing I stayed away from that at breakfast.

For dinner we headed to Teds for some great charcoal cooked hotdogs! Yum Yum, with fries and a large Loganberry.

And it was very convienient that Anderson's Custard was right next store.

We saw a wild Turkey walking around Teds and Andersons, he found this shiny bummer and kept pecking at it.

After we got home we had a message waiting, it was Big I and she wanted to make sure that we were eating right. Seems that this eat right movement that Jim has started is converting others to take up the fight.

My Uncle Dennis sent a nice email today, and I told him about reading the blog, so maybe he will convert to reading regularly, eating right and drinking lots of water.

I return to my Dallas home tomorrow.

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