Saturday, September 09, 2006


This picture is part of a railing in Buffalo, NY and the pink background is that of my friend, Michael.

Today started with sleeping in past 9 am - the windows open, and a light rain happening. Got up, showered and started the day by going to the bank to deposit a check for $2.17 - it took forever, and then when I came out of the bank - I tripped and fell - skinning my elbow and my ankle. After that drama, we picked up Mom and went to breakfast at Sandi's in Niagara Falls, with Louise & Lori. It was fun to see them and laugh about things.

Then we came home, and I delivered some artwork that had been bought while I was here last for my art show. I picked up Michael who helped direct me around town, we felt like we were young kids again laughing and driving around like we were 30 years old again. We took the picture during this time. Mike has a date with his "pretend" boyfriend tonight so I won't see him. We also went to the Galleria and I bought some new sneakers, and I got some great information regarding the iPod I got.

Then I came home - Iris and Mac were here and we had a nice visit, then Mom cooked a great meal (while I napped!) of Steak on the grill, fresh ears of corn, and yellow beans! Yummy. The evening was spent copying my brother's iTunes library so I can use it with the iPod, clearing out the basement, moving items to storage and blogging.

Tommorrow we go to the storage facility, we go to Medina to visit the gravesite plots (one for me too!), pick out the gravestone, and then I head to Toronto to enjoy a week of meetings for my corporate job.

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