Saturday, September 09, 2006

Reposted as requested

You know I was only kidding!!!! Of course you can blog my date...
Please put it back on...this is too funny!
love ya!

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Wanted to give you an update per Billy's blog...

After scavenging around town for all the ingredients, last night's picnic came through successfully.

We did not go to the Teddy Bear park, instead, I went down the road a little by the corner of Laurel and Lakeside and there were steps that led down to a secluded area down at the creek and it felt like we were out of town. If you want a picnic and be secluded and safe, this is the PERFECT spot!!!!

Tim didn't realize what was going on as I had the picnic basket hidden in the back of my SUV and I had him hold Cali (yes, she was there to add company and comfort). Thanks Ken for the AWESOME picnic basket!!!!! This basket held everything!!!!

As we headed down the steps and I had the basket covered in a blanket, I took the blanket and laid it down and unveiled the picnic basket ... much to the delight of Tim.

I told him to get comfortable as I emptied the basket full of goodies such as
- cream cheese with raspberry chipotle topping and wheat crackers
- red grapes (seedless)
- Bottle of red wine poured into Nalgene water bottles
- a card that I wrote inspired by Jim's blog yesterday about 'special days'. THANKS JIM!
- I also made homemade spaghetti. Tim thought that was unusual. I asked him what he expected...he said sandwiches...I said, please, I don't eat sandwiches for dinner, even if it is a picnic!!!
- Desert was Pistachio from Paciugos. This is our favorite ice cream. Billy, maybe it is the nutty flavor, maybe it is the smooth aftertaste...regardless, it is our favorite (Tim and mine, not yours and mine).

I brought a small cd player and played songs I had recorded the night before. the first song was "let's get it on' by Marvin Gaye. Pretty Amusing!

To top this off...Tim's favorite tree is a bald cyprus. My favorite tree is a live oak. Yes, Billy, I said if I were a tree I would be a Palm from the Island of Philippines (arm waving gracefully). However, my favorite tree is the live oak. Anyway, as we were lying there and looking straight up, we noticed two trees above us right next to each other was a live oak and bald'll see the photo on this as well.

I also had a gift for him. A crystal heart. He was pretty overwhelmed by it all.
Soon, it started to get dark, but there was light shining from the uplights in the trees. I had also packed a scented candle to help with the ambiance. Unfortunately, this scented candle started to attract mosquitos. You'll see Tim trying to force blood into a mosquito by flexing his arm where the mosquito was drawing blood...

We talked, laughed, ate, swat at mosquitos. The best part is that we were pretty secluded and the whole surroundings were pretty perfect. We ended the night back at my place...of course!
I will download some pictures and will send out shortly.

Love ya'll!!!!!

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yep...let the whole world know...burt...thanks for not going into detail as to what happened at your house...he would have includedgwygnrn