Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dove Bars

I had a busy day, doing lots of laundry, getting ready for my next trip to Houston. Met with my trainer today, he walked me through 1/2 of the strength routine I will be doing, as well as took all the measurements. We will do the measurements about every two weeks, and the weight every week to measure progress and know what's occuring in my body. I also signed up online for the . Ate healthy today by following my calorie menu that they gave me. I even took the Dove Bars from my freezer to Warren's home tonight for our weekly Desperate Housewives viewing party. I also brought my own salad and chicken breast with green beans, so I would not be tempted by the Frito Taco Chili that everyone was eating. I regretfully missed the opportunity to meet Burt's boyfriend, Tim.... I heard he is really nice. He must be to like Burt (Jim throw up here!). I meet with the trainer, Cliff, again tomorrow. I pick up my jacket for next year's DIFFA Collection, excited about the opportunity to do that again. Well need to finish some laundry and get a good nights sleep.

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! You were deeply missed, but thrilled to know you are taken a healthy turn. Love you!