Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crack & Coffee

Well it was another eventful evening at Starbucks. The evening started with a small group (Jim, MaFred, Mark and myself), Mark Mullino picked up his postcards created for his upcoming art show at Jim Frederick Studios the weekend of Sept 29 & 30th 7pm-10pm - check out his new paintings.

Then we had a continuouse trickle of attendees, as we grew and became louder, the person in the corner chair on his computer eventually moved and we of course moved in. We were joined by Karen, Burt, Joe (a.k.a. Chuck), Jack/Jeff, Jim L. (a.k.a. Mr. Snipple), Armando arrived at 8:30 exactly (wonders never cease), then Glenn (a.k.a. Mrs. Snipple - 65 and going strong!, "my nipples are original!"), and of course PaFred who joined us via cellphone (still don't think he knew who he has talking too!, Hope he has returned that baby he borrowed by now). Missed but not forgotten, Bud, Chester, Virgil, Flat Seth, Cliff, and Bob (he was tied up with duck tape according to Joe).

The notes of this week's meetings are as follows - Karen & Burt have known each other for 3.5 years - someone wore a demin shirt at a Bday Party for Karen (not sure if it was Burt or Karen?). Armando is celebrating 3 years with the adorable Cliff/Chris, and knows this becuase it follows his nieces' birthday. neither should expect gifts. A shelf fell at the Casa Riveria and unlike Mary Poppins the books and things still lie on the floor (what's a week?) Armando was reported to have been asking around again if "I" really work, or am I just traveling and playing pretend. (Like Armando pretends to sell Houses!...some people shouldn't throw stones at their glass houses). PaFred is convinced that Puerto Rico is the "big island" of the beautiful Phillipines (wave hand cross gesture from knee to crown); Joe recently returned from visiting Lake Tidy Bowl (Lake Huron is so very blue!), The question everyone wanted to know the answer to, and expect to read it on Jim's Blog is Jim - Is it better being here at Starbucks with the United Colors of Bendoverman or at home in bed doing your best Greta Garbo impersonation? , Rumor has it that Bud & Chester are in rehearsals for their upcoming show tour - Bud & Chester and the Gnomettes! The Farewell Tour!, Rumor has it that Burt is seeking out the well know Nippoloigist - Dr. Tittle, Seems that their will be a party sometime after Thanksgiving to celebrate a local celebrity who is 65 (doesn't look a day over 50) and is looking for bartenderesses from Hooters, For those of you special enough to get an invitation through the front door (and not the freight elevator with the help) should plan to arrive at 6:50pm and you should make sure to bring the guest of honor a bud vase or a velvet painting of your favorite Elvis or Jesus. Someone asked if "Blackberry" was code? Could it be the screen name of the neighbor, someone found on Yahoo! Singles? I am not telling, I am just saying. We were joined by more trees this meeting - Jack being a fig tree, Glenn being a dutch elm (they are dying out), Joe - a buckeye (because of the big nuts), Jim L. a crabtree (too true!) and MaFred - an Ornamental Peach - and just look at the "Fruit" she bore! In case anyone is interested in Karen's fisher price purse, check with Burt, his people made it. And finally --- Butt Crack and Coffee are a dangerous combination! Do not try this at home! Until Our Next Meeting! Goodnight. Read PaFred's Blog for more information... and of course


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