Friday, September 08, 2006


When I arrived at the family home in Getzville, NY today I put down my bags and turned on the television. The news came on and the lead report was that they had cornered and were about to catch Ralph "Bucky" Phillips - one of the FBI's most wanted. What was ironic was that I had been home in July and they said that, then home in August and they said that and now here it is September and they are saying it again. I laughed and immediately called Jim Frederick to tell him that I must be in a time warp. It all ended this time - they caught him!

I worked most of the afternoon remotely via my computer, then Mom & Dad returned from her Dr's Appt - All Ok. Then we had dinner at the Country Cottage - I had Pot Roast, Mom & Dad had breakfast. We returned home, I started getting things organized around the house. They put alot of my art up on the walls of the house - looks cool. Showed Mom how to work her new cell phone - we're on the Family plan now - did some blogging and getting ready for a busy day tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

still looking for that email from Dot...I know she's figured out the computer by now.
poor buckey...well, it was a good run...