Thursday, March 09, 2006

Butterfly Nights

Still fighting off the sinus kunk. A good friend told me to stop giving it so much of my energy and just work through it and it will go away. I think they are right. So I will try harder at creating my day with less kunk.

The day started off with a great breakfast with my friend, Tom. Then some intraspection as I prepared for what was to be my first class of "The Art of the Discipleship" at the Cathedral of Hope. I am very excited about what this experience will reveal itself to be. In running through my exercises of how I will encourage, enlighten, and teach my students - "The Art of Seeing" as a tool during lent to explore themselves and become closer to their spirit.

I got a call today from an interior designer who is looking to put some of my artwork in two condos that he is designing. I am really excited to see how my work will translate in his designed space. More to come on that...

After services this evening, I met up with Jim and Robert, and we share thoughts about Jim's newest work - HUMANITY - I am so grateful that I get to see this work evolve and be created, very strong with emotion at least for me, very thought provoking, and very cohesive thought process. I am so excited for his show opening at the end of this month --- mark your calendars now - this is not one to miss.

Another Project Runway has ended - what I love most about the show, is hearing the visions and the critiques and translating that thought process to my own work. "What were you thinking?" " Do you think that really fits?" "Is your collection cohesive?" "Why does that look unfinished?" --- all good questions whether you are trying to make a fashion collection or a series of paintings.

So as I end this day, I leave with a piece of digital work "Digital Moth" that I created from some photos I took of a moth an a screendoor to Jim's studio. I like how the two photos blended during the filtering process so you see both the underside and the overcoat of the same moth. The way the screen formed dots, almost accentuating the digitalness of the images. Do you know the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Moths are nocturnal. So in many ways they are like me - I find my colors much more vibrant and pumping at night. So moths are really just butterflys at night. Here is to more flights during butterfly nights.

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