Saturday, March 25, 2006

My first mural

Today was a great day to paint. And to paint outdoors. It was 70 degrees, sunday, slight breeze. I had the wonderful opportunity to paint in my cryptographic style on the front of the building belonging to the Artisan's Collective. The Artisan's Collective is run by Ted Matthews and is a diverse group of local artists. The inside is amazing mixtures of art.

These are some of the paintings that I have inside Artisan's Gallery.

Outside I painted for about 4 hours until the sunshine gave way to darkeness. It was interesting to paint on such a large scale.

The process was thought out ahead of time on the computer. I used those sketchs help me with the final painting. I still allowed for spontanity to occur.

It was wonderful to hear the admiration from those who came to see the gallery, as well as the owner, Ted.
You can see somewhat of what I finished today. I will be going back to fill in the top areas, the area near the front door, and becuase they like it so much now the side of the building as well.

Friends stopped by Karen, Shannon & Tim, as well as other artist friends - Erica, Sarah Jane, Daniel, and new friends - Reme and his group of friends.

This was a picture I took of Daniel's dog. He was very well behaved while left alone. I love how this picture came out of him.

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