Sunday, March 19, 2006


It was an amazing day. Started the day with Mike doing an interruppted walk on the Katy Trail, becuase it rained. We were able to get in 2 miles though. Then home to change out of our wet clothes and we went to pick up PH and go to lunch. We had a wonderful lunch (sinful too!) at Snuffers. Great Cheeseburgers and best of all Cheddar Fries. After that we did a little shopping, Mike bought an umbrella and a beautiful coat, I got a tux shirt. Gave Dad a little tutorial about attaching files in email. We then came home for a short rest before heading over to Jim's house to meet everyone who was going to be at our table for DIFFA. We arrived shortly around 6pm.

As we walked through the doors of the Hilton Anatole we saw people --- of course I was introduced always as this is Billy - this is his first DIFFA and he designed a jacket! It is great being a DIFFA virgin. After some talking we headed toward the entrance to the event. There must have been 2,000 people. Over 100 jackets, of which Jim, Armando and I were participants. Our jackets were all in the same area, it was great to see your work displayed, and your name right above it. It is hard to describe how proud I was, how nervous I was, and how excited I was all at the same time.

The evening flew bye --- PH, Ron, Gretchen, Ann & Laura, and many others were there to be seen. The biggest high was seeing our jackets march down the runway on actual models, and people cheer, and clap. And then to meet the person who was the final bidder and was taking your jacket home. --- WOW! Such excitement, to know that your work is so pleasing to others. It was great to see them wear it out and see it again at the after party.

It was great to be part of the tradition that Jim and Armando have been apart of and to share it with my best friend from Buffalo, Mike. During the evening my friends said the nicest thing that already meeting him, he seems like family. I am excited when this summer, Jim will be coming to Buffalo with me for the annual big chill and my art show in August. Not only will he get to meet my other friends, he will get to meet Mom, Dad and Mark.

At the end of the party after Erika Badu finished her set...we all got together and walked the runway, and had our pictures taken on the stage. It was great fun. We walked out with our gift bags, when to the after hours and danced, then to a diner called Buzzbrews, then Mike & I met PH and Ron at the Hideaway. I met this great woman named Jo, who was sitting with Terry who I know for the Lone Star Ride. I gave her my card and an Invitation to Jim's show. She loves art. She told me how she bought the first auctioned jacket at DIFFA tonight for her daughter.

All in All it was a great show.

Tomorrow is birthday celebration day --- Happy Birthday Cliff! and Happy Birthday Jack!

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