Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Opportunity Knocks


Positive Attitudes Change Everything. More and more this statement becomes a guiding principle in my life. It started as a usual day getting back into the routine, shower, emails, getting art ready, running to the Stretch & Frame, having Birthday lunch with Jack, running into Julie Chambers and talking about AT&T times, getting ready for my art class that I was teaching... and Opportunity Knocked (actually called)... can not go into specifics because the details are not worked out... but it resonates with what I read usually daily on Jim Frederick's blog - DREAM BIG, DARE TO FAIL. It is strange to know that if you dream it, it can become real if you do it. Everything that you work for are steps in the direction that the next opportunity will take you. It is amazing how when you ask a question about how am I going to do this...and if you are aware and open... the answer presents itself.

I created this image today from two great images that I took today with my friends Jack & Jim. I put them together to explore the thought about space and about how you use it. For me as an artist, I think it can be important to break the rules or at least take the risk. This warning sign Danger Do Not Enter is obviously wanting to keep you out, but someone is already in and looking out... so what do they know that the observer does not? and you see another door/window behind them. So when opportunity knocks do you take the risk and open the door even if it says Danger Do Not Enter?

I am.

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Anonymous said...

Freakin A You are! Leap before you look baby! And know I am always here as a sounding board, just like you are for me! Big things...just like our talk this morning...Big things are happening...if nothing else, in our hearts...and that's the best place to start!!!