Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I could be a whaler!

Interesting day today... was shown alot of things today and I was listening and I was observant.

A woman got a chuckle after over hearing Jim's and mine discussion of our blogging - she especially liked the part about the "Universe" responding.

Then after a chore had lunch with Patrick and we discussed looking for jobs, and how hard it is being an artist and all the things you have to do that they ordinary public does not see. Patrick said "It could be worse, you could be a whaler!" -- that just made me laugh. We laughed some more thinking about why our mutual friend, Andrew's middle name is Muchmore. We laughed even harder when we said that his twin brother's middle name must be "Alotless".

I posted this picture of Barbara, she was a homeless woman that was outside the dorms on 16th Street & Union Square when I lived in New York in the early 80's. I was reminded it today after seeing the film "The Right Questions" by Benjamin David Smith at the Magnolia. Also great photography regarding the homeless in Dallas by Hal Samples.

So lots of thoughts run through my head. I am not homeless. I am not a whaler. I am neither much more or alot less. I am observant, I am listening and I am alive!

I have alot to be grateful for.

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