Wednesday, March 01, 2006

120 Miles

Today began my walking for lent, with the giving up of excuses why I can not walk. I plan to walk 3 miles a day and began it on a beautiful sunny day walking the Katy Trail with my friend Jim and his dog Gracie. This is the mile marker at which point I turn around. The walk was a little over an hour. Had fun talking and taking pictures, reliving the previous nights festivities of FAT TUESDAY. Then we had a nice lunch topped with an ice cream cone, then a short nap.

I delivered my first commission of 2006 to Barbara & David, yes their appreciation and love of what I created made me blush, I am excited to go to their home for an Oscar party and see how they have hung the art and meet their friends. It is a wonderful feeling to get paid for this work that I love so much, and it is even better when you get such great support from those who will now live with something I created, and they love it so much.

Then I visited Jim and saw the progress he is making on his humanity series of paintings. He is really tapping into something, I am excited to be able to see the progress of these pieces, and look forward to digitally documenting them. You can just feel the emotion dripping on the canvas.

This was my first time for services at ash wednesday. For me the next 40 days and my commitment to walking and being mindful of that spirit that lives inside myself, and making that spirit become the best of all possiblities. I will be journaling my thoughts during this reflective time, as well as teaching a creative class during lent "The Art of Seeing". I am excited to see where this will lead.

So after the next 40 days are over - I will have walked 120 miles --- I wonder what I will see and learn over those miles?

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