Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Opening, Another Show

This photo is similar to the one on Jim's blog. Can you spot the differences?

It was a busy day --- had breakfast with friend, Jack. Did some errands to get gas, bank, mail and then pick up my digital art that had been stretched on frames. Have a total now of 12 digital paintings ready for my upcoming shows, with another 8 ready to be stretched and more yet to be printed.

After I picked up the art, I went over to help Jim organize the flow of his art in his studio for his show. His dad --- Steve took this picture and altered it to be a more slimmer version of me (see Jim's blog for unaltered pic) - Thank you Father of the Universe !

The show tomorrow is going to be great --- lots of good exciting pieces, not to mention great sculpture, inspired poetry, and people energy.

A call to my friend, Denise, who is sick with Bronchitis and then had dinner with Steve tonight -- great to see my old best friend and have some one on one time with him. It was great catching up, talking about each others plans, gossip and more laughs. Then back home to work on plans for the rest of the year - renewing lease, art business & marketing plans, blog writing, goal setting (thanks Alyson ) and a great call with Mom & Dad. They are very proud of me. That makes me happy inside.

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