Sunday, March 19, 2006


Today after a great day... we had rain, lots of rain - flash floods. I have never seen the Turtle Creek or Trinity River so high. It was fun for me to know that Michael and I had just a few days ago crossing the Trinity River where there was lots of land, grass and trees, but no water - no being a raging river.

We started this rainy day with Brunch at Blue Mesa Gill, celebrating Cliff's Birthday. After getting soaked getting our cars, we went wet & damp to see Madea's Family Reunion. The a trip home seeing raging water on the street, mud, debris and abandoned cars. We rested. Then we met Burt at Toulouse, a great restaurant near the Katy Trail. We had a great dinner and conversation. Very excited about Michael agreeing to participate in this years Lone Star Ride. Burt shared his excitement about participating in this year's Gay Games in Chicago come June. He will be completing in several cycling events. I just know that he will do well. Mike & Burt are pictured above.

We made plans for possible trips to and from Buffalo.
Now I am downloading pictures to Shutterfly -- over 325 pictures. And Cliff downloade over 100 pictures. I will post the urls shortly.

Tomorrow is Michael's final day in Dallas. It has been a great visit.

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