Monday, March 13, 2006

Hospital, Full Moon and Turning 50

To play the day in reverse.... spent the evening with friends celebrating Jim Lenss' Birthday 43 or 50 not sure which?
Had great chocolate cupcakes thanks to Lori and her new easy bake oven. Bonnie was talking about her pussy not being happy with her. Code? Not Sure.
Karen is looking for Oriental Angels. Burt has formed a organization NAAAP for the National Advancement for the Advancement of Asian People (otherwise know as OARMAN (Orientals Are Rugs My People Are Not), not be be confused with ARMANDO (some Puerto Rican self help group).

The day then was doing errands, and getting medicine that was prescriped, after a long needed nap.

Worked on Jim Frederick's marketing materials for his upcoming show: Humanity.

The made it home, and noticed the FULL MOON - made that had something to do with spending the early morning hours in the hospital.

Yes, I said the hospital. I was sent home at 5:30am after xrays, some great respiratory work, and getting myself to the emergency room with a high fever, pain in the back when I breathe at 3am. This last picture was of my feet hanging off the table while in my hospital gown.

It was a crazy day....glad to be feeling better again...good drugs rock!

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