Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Oscar Night

Thoughts today were about the oscars. An artists works and works on their art, but it once it is hung in an environment that people live that you become a proud parent. It was so great to see my art hanging in the home of my most recent collectors Barbara & David. To be hung in several rooms of the house, to have them invite all their friends and introduce me - I felt like I was on the red carpet. It was great to arrive and see my painting visiable from the street. I was overwhelmed - my like a filmmaker must feel when the film is done, in the theatres and now playing to an audience - my art is now on display for many people to see - those who visit their home and those that drive or walk bye.

It was a great day.
Thank you to everyone who has believed in me.

Time to make more art... I'm sorry Sarah Jane for cancelling, the bedrest all day made me able to make it to my party in th evening. We are so on for a future date on picture taking.

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