Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How much is the shell on the table?

Today was a day off trying to get rid of this sinus allergy problem that has plagueing me. I have never done so many drinks of tea.

Took down the show at Trinity River Arts Center, and hung some of the larger digital art pieces along with a large collection of smaller digital art pieces at the Woodview Tower office building on the fourth floor which resides the Community Council of Greater Dallas.

It is very interesting to see you art in so many different places - coffee houses, restaurant, store, church, office building, and gallery. I am just glad for the opportunity to have my art in front of people...and even if they do not buy, they appreciate the art and it makes them happier.

The evening attended a party at Palomar, the new hotel and residential living in which my friends, Jim Frederick and Randy Jacobs, have their art hanging. It is great to see it in a environment in which people can visualize it in their own home.

Karen and I discovered this shell which was decoration on one of the tables. We laughed because it had $3.00 marked on it, they must have gotten it from a garage sale - so we had to take a picture of it - everything has it's price!

When Karen was not aware (I think she was having a crabcake) I took a picture of the back of her head. She has the greatest hair. That became the subject of my next piece of art.

This is the has wonderful little pockets, almost like ripples on the water.

Staying in tonight, going to get a good nights sleep. Lots of activities with shows, graphics works, and planning for the future.

Tomorrow - time to make more art!

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