Friday, March 17, 2006

Death, Pizza, Cows & Bill O'Reilly

It was a fun day.
We told Mike the story of the Katy Trail - and reenacted her tragic death on the railroad tracks.

Followed by pictures at the Italian Restaurant, Campania. Nice View. Great Pizza. Reminded us of the pizza we had when we were in Rome.
Yes, Rome Italy --- we were there, you were not.

Then we met the Mad Cows on the street.

and a appearance of Bill O'Reilly at the gay piano bar. Not to forget that my muse, Robb said hello.

Lots of rumors flying around.

But the day would not have been complete without laughs with Jim, Armando, Jack, Burt, PH, Ron --- and all the wonderful people we met today at art galleries, places for coffee, dry cleaners, the stores, the restaurants, and topping it off with a call to Evie Barrassa, driver and back up entertainer to the stars! And least I forget that wonderful RT who called to check on how I was recouping from my bronchial infection.

More good times to come.
P.S. Michael wants to say good night and sweet dreams to his phillipino princess.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


Ms. Marylou Damanda Daphney Whorefellow, Esq. said...

I haven't been to Rome, but I'm exceptionally familiar with the view at that pizza place.

Hey! I live in the Italian section of Boston... there's lots of pizza, what d'you think I referring to?

Yes, me said...

Everytime I open this blog now and it mentions is Peter, Peter, Peter.