Thursday, March 23, 2006


I created this image from the written word "emerge" requested by fellow blogger friend, Kelly Cox Semple.

Had another day of being open to the possibilities... met with Christian Walker who bought my DIFFA jacket, I will be fixing some of the google eyes that fell off. He mentioned that they look for artists work to display in homes they sell, and he took my cards.

Had lunch with Jim, Armando & Cliff, then headed to Artisan's Collective. Met with Ted and gave him my art which I had varnished. He told me how much he enjoyed the bright colors of my work. I asked about painting at the show and we talked about Saturday, one conversation lead to another and now I will be painting the outside of his building similarly the way I painted my cryptographic painting. It will be exciting to see my creative vision on the front of a building.

More thoughts, bigger dreams, and miracles to come....

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