Monday, March 06, 2006

Creating Today

Still dealing with my allergies, wish they would go away. Energy levels have been increasing with the added vitamins and allergy medicine. I had a 4th interview today with one of my corporate job prospects. Now we play the waiting game again. If it is meant to be they will call. No word on the other job prospect, again playing the waiting game. I guess it is the Universe telling me to be Patience.

I had a great dinner and visit with Jim - some great fried chicken, we watched Project Runway and talked about how some of the concepts are similar to creating a consistent message for an art show. Then I introduced Jim to Deal or No Deal.

This is the piece I created Today. Still exploring, experimenting and creating. Tomorrow I take down the show at Trinity River Arts Center, some of the art will be hung at Community Council of Greater Dallas. Then it is time to focus and work towards the shows coming up in April & May and finish my painting commission. I need to RSVP to Jim's Palamar Show, I hope it is not too late.

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