Thursday, March 16, 2006


Sorry that I did not blog yesterday, but it has been a busy few days. Thank you to my friends, Jim, Armando, and also Heather and Margaret - my apartment has been cleaned so well you can eat off the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Spent time working on marketing materials, spent time getting ready for my first class at the Cathedral of Hope. I had six students, and the energy was very good, at first quiet, but they livened up at the end. I created this image using several photos I took of JRs Bar & Grill video wall - I call it "Dancing Wall" and I entered it with another photo into the Oaklawn Library's calendar project.

After class, I had a great dinner with Jim at Luckys. Then off to the airport to pick up Michael. We had a great evening, with stop at home, and then to the RoundUp - Brokeback Mountain still brings tears to his eyes and so I was awash in jokes as we watched the cowboys dance. At one point a very handsome cowboy in a black hat came up to us and asked "Do you follow?" of course I said no, and then Michael wanted to know what he said, so I interpreted it for my Northeastern friend - he wants to know if you want to dance? Of course we laughed about it as we watch him dance with some girl, and Mike mentioned that he could follow better then her! It is so hard to quit you!. Michael also said that I should get a shirt that says "Excalibur" on it. Something about a sword thrust into a hard rock. Now it is late 1:11am actually, time for bed, and we are getting up tomorrow to have breakfast and walk the Katy Trail.

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